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The Winners Interview: Brodie23 wins the 2024 BBL Star

A win from the clouds, the very last ball of the Big Bash Final. That’s “Brodie23” who on Wednesday night took out the Draftstars 2024 Big Bash Star for a cool $15,000 cash prize from a field of 40 entrants.

But who is “Brodie23”? Is Brodie a Cricket nuff or was just pure luck in putting together a winning team? Well, we reach out to the man of the moment and asked him a few questions about his success.

Congratulations Brodie (Brodie23)! Where are abouts are you from and what do you do for a profession?

I am a Storeman from Perth. 

How did you get into playing Daily Fantasy Sports?

I Always loved playing Fantasy Sports and liked to have bit of a punt so once I discovered Draftstars it was a perfect situation. 

How long have you been playing on Draftstars?

I’ve been playing for roughly 5 years now, but only over the last couple of years I’ve taken it a bit more serious with my research instead of just slapping a team together.

Do you play any other sports on Draftstars? What is your favourite?

I’m more of an AFL Draftstars player, I’ve made the last two AFL Star finals but funny enough this was my first ever year playing Cricket on Draftstars and obviously that worked out well.

Tell us about your strategy when putting together your entry and who were your key players?

As a huge sports fan and someone who love to analyse how teams play from a strategic point of view, my first thought is always how I think the game is going to play out. Batting first and having Runs on the board in any final I think is the way to go, so stacking Brisbane players was my strategy and having bowlers that I was confident that would bowl all 4 of their overs and a chance of getting junk wickets. Sean Abbott and Spencer Johnson were complete locks. Knowing Paul Walter is handy with Bat, Ball and taking catches he was high on my list on players I wanted to select.

Winning BBL Star Lineup

Tell us about the sweat. Where did you watch the game(s), who with, when did you realise you had won? Any notable plays that got you the win?

I just watched the game at home with my partner and it came down to the very last ball when O’Keefe got out for a duck and Paul Walter took the catch, that moved me to the top of table. a bit of luck involved but I’ll take it of course!

What are your feelings now that you have taken down $15,000?

Absolutely ecstatic, It couldn’t have come at a better time, my partner is 20 weeks pregnant so this $15,000 just means I can take little bit of extra time off work when the baby is born.

What is your favourite thing about playing Daily Fantasy Sports?

It’s give me more of a reason to watch sport and have something to cheer for, over the last year I have followed the community more and starting to learn new ways on how to play the game. I love numbers and I love sport so it’s just the perfect combination.

Congratulations to Brodie but most importantly to all participants of the BBL Star for 2024. NFL Star winner is next up and Masters Star is currently underway. We hope we can go again in 2025 and possibly hit new heights!


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