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Draftstars Update: 2024 Changes to NRL Positions

We are making some changes to NRL Daily Fantasy contests in Season 2024 on Draftstars. Starting from Round 1 of the NRL season we are changing the positional structure for lineups. Lineups will consist of 8 players in the following format:

  • X2 OB (Outside Backs)
  • X1 HH (Halves/Hooker)
  • X3 FWD (Forwards)
  • X2 FLEX (All Positions)

As a rule, in single game contests, your lineup must contain 1 player from each team and can have a maximum of 7 players from one team. In multiple game contests, your maximum number of players from one team will be capped at 5.

  • Outside Backs – Players who play as Fullback, Wingers and Centres will be classified as an OB. 2 selections are required but you can a further 2 selections as FLEX.
  • Halves/Hooker – Players who play as Halfback, Five-Eight and Hooker will be classified as HH. Only 1 selection is required but you can use a further 2 selections as FLEX.
  • Forwards – Players who play as Front Row, Second Row and Lock will be classified as FWD. 3 selections are required but you can use a further 2 selections as FLEX.

The scoring system remains the same from 2023.

Earlier this year we presented a survey to Draftstars participants and provided examples of positional changes that could occur. The results from this survey shaped the changes moving forward. Options of increasing the number of positions and introducing the Captain 1.5x format were presented. There was also an option to leave the format as is. There was no clear pick from the options presented. However, we did receive great feedback from survey participants on increasing the number of positions to 8 but without using Captain. The introduction of a 2nd FLEX position provides more flexibility in lineup construction and drafting a 8th position provides more players to be rostered in your Draftstars lineup. You could roster a backs heavy lineup in a high scoring game or roster the big boys if the weather ain’t that great. Also HIA’s aren’t a Draftstars players best friend. Whilst having an early injury rule out is not ideal, an extra position does help numb the pain. A reminder there are no Dual Position players in NRL contests.

Round 1 starts in Las Vegas for Sunday’s Double Header on March 3rd.


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