Draftstars Tutorial: How to use the Lineup Cruncher

A few weeks ago, Draftstars  announced our partnership with Fantasy Insider, which will saw their Lineup Cruncher offered exclusively through our platform.

By opening up the use of their Cruncher – free – to all Draftstars users, we are levelling the playing field and opening up the world of elite lineup building and mass-entry to everyone, and making entering lineups easier for our shared user base.

The team at Fantasy Insider have been putting together some tutorials on how to use the lineup cruncher. Check out this video and watch k1w1nOz build lineups using the Fantasy Insider Lineup Cruncher on Draftstars.

For more Lineup cruncher guides, check out how to use the settings and tools, using the cruncher for micro contests or the quick and easy way to enter 50 lineups.

View the original version of this article on Fantasy Insider.


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