Draftstars Update: Changes to NRL Positions

We are making some changes to NRL Daily Fantasy contests in Season 2022. Starting from Round 1 of the NRL season we are changing the positional structure for lineups. Lineups will consist of 7 players in the following format:

  • X2 OB (Outside Backs)
  • X1 HH (Halves/Hooker)
  • X3 FWD (Forwards)
  • X1 FLEX (All Positions)

As a rule, in single game contests, your lineup must contain 1 player from each team and can have a maximum of 6 players from one team. In multiple game contests, your maximum number of players from one team will be capped at 4.

  • Outside Backs – Players who play as Fullback, Wingers and Centres will be classified as an OB. 2 selections are required but you can use a third selection as FLEX.
  • Halves/Hooker – Players who play as Halfback, Five-Eight and Hooker will be classified as HH. Only 1 selection is required but you can use a second selection as FLEX.
  • Forwards – Players who play as Front Row, Second Row and Lock will be classified as FWD. 3 selections are required but you can use a fourth selections as FLEX.

The scoring system remains the same from 2021.

The reduction of lineups from 9 players down to 7 and positions from 6 to 4 also brings in a new strategy in construction of teams. We have also removed the ability for players to obtain a dual position from lineups as well. With the increase in team list sizes from the league and the late breaking news of team selection before kick-off, we believe these changes are necessary to give fantasy players flexibility in team selection.

NRL single game format outside of our 6-man FLEX format for NFL/NBA is one of the most likely formats to have your team duplicated. We believe these changes will allow a wide range of team lineup possibilities without the need to choose 1 player out of a possible 2 selections in one position (Hooker is a prime example).

So, what strategy does this bring to the new format? Do you load up on a 3rd Outside Back if you think a team is going to put up a big score? Do you play both dummy-half players? Or having four big forwards going to give you a large total?

This is the first time we have used a FLEX position in the NRL so make sure you use it wisely!


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