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Captain Contest now LIVE on Draftstars

It has finally arrived! Captain contests are now available on Draftstars for contests that only contain one game at a time. This new format will enhance your Draftstars experience and will replace the 6-player FLEX format currently in place for single game contests.

So, for those who are unfamiliar with the concept, what is a Captain contest?

In a Captain contest, the player you select as your Captain will score 1.5x the standard fantasy Draftstars point value for each statistic, but drafting a player as Captain will cost 1.5x more salary than drafting them as FLEX. Any player in the player pool is eligible to be selected as Captain. However, a player cannot be added at both Captain and FLEX in the same lineup.

Captain contest brings a new wrinkle to Draftstars strategy, and helps increase diversification in large, single-game contests. Before your 6-player FLEX lineup only had 1 lineup combination. Now that same 6 players have 6 combinations (if you fit under the Draftstars salary cap) to score Draftstars points.

To draft a lineup, you will be presented with two positions. The CAP (Captain) position will show all athletes to roster at their Captain salary. For example, Christian McCaffrey has a CAP salary of $22,350. If you select McCaffrey, he will appear in the CAP position, along with a Captain armband logo, to show you that you have McCaffrey as your Captain.

Once your Captain is selected you can proceed to select the remaining athletes in your lineup in the FLEX positions. FLEX players are available at their standard Draftstars salary. As you can see in the example, McCaffrey’s FLEX salary is $14,900. Remember, you cannot select the same player as your Captain and in the FLEX position.

To complete a lineup, the maximum number of players from one team is set at 5 players.

Once your entry is submitted, you will be able to watch your Draftstars team with live scoring. The Captain will score 1.5x Draftstars points more than the same player rostered in the FLEX position. 100 Draftstars FLEX points = 150 Draftstars Captain points.

If you need to Player Swap or edit your lineup, make sure you swap any player from the Captain position and/or FLEX position before the start of the contest. Especially if you have combinations of the athlete to swap if they are both in the Captain and FLEX positions.

Some housekeeping items to keep an eye out on:

  • All statistics will be shown at standard scoring. So, if you are watching a live Draftstars athlete box score, or researching your athlete via box score form and scores, all statistics will be shown at the standard Draftstars scoring. However, Captain scoring will be true for your lineup via the Playerboard and Leaderboard.
  • We will round Draftstars scores to 2 decimal points. For example, if an athlete player scores 50.63 Draftstars points then the Captain score will be 75.95 points (75.945 in three decimal points).
  • In Captain contests for NFL only, the option for DST (Defence/Special Teams) will be removed. This enables the tech to run smoothly for Captain contests.
  • For CSV/Batch Edit users, athletes do not have a second player ID to signify the player as a Captain. Players are treated as dual positions of CAP/FLEX.
  • Fantasy Insider support will be available at the start of the NFL season. Stay tuned for updates for the free cruncher.

Captain contests will be initially available for NFL island games (US Thursday Night Football, US Sunday Night Football & US Monday Night Football), EPL island games and selected NBA games. Once underway, we are keen to get feedback from Draftstars users on the Captain format for Australian sports. Especially for NRL so stay tuned for communication.

If you have further questions on the Captain contest format or find something that is not quite right, feel free to contact us via [email protected]

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For free and confidential support call 1800 858 858 or visit gamblinghelponline.org.au.