Stuck phone button wins Melbourne Cup punter a stack of cash

We love the Spring Carnival and so do our TopBettas. Read a cracking tale about a legendary win on the Cup . . .

Eagles11 got up on Tuesday, November 1, 2011, as normal, ready to catch up with his colleague for the pair’s annual Christmas ‘do’ they always have on Melbourne Cup day. The reason for the early celebration was in the coming weeks the pair of electricians were always too busy in the run-up to Xmas to find time for a beer. This was the closest they could get.

Form done

The TopBetta from NSW grabbed some breakfast and over a coffee had a quick look at the day’s form, already having a solid plan in his head as to which way he would bet on the Cup. In fact, by his reckoning over the last few years, he had managed to pick the winner of the Melbourne Cup by watching the lead-up races, in particular, the Geelong Cup where his attention had been caught this time round by French horse Dunaden, owned by Sheik Fahad al Thani from Qatar.

He set off to the pub to meet his mate and over a few beers they discussed their betting options, each getting to pick three horses for a $100 flexi-bet from the six picks. With a few drinks under their belts they wandered over to Kembla Grange to enjoy the day, cheer on their horses and more importantly celebrate a successful year for the business.

Last bets

Around thirty minutes before the Melbourne Cup jumped eagles11 decided to have a final flurry of bets.

“I had this crappy old Motorola phone and I got onto the TopBetta site and because my phone doesn’t work properly, I couldn’t quite get on.

“I put my three horses on as a trifecta and every time I pushed the $50 trifecta button it didn’t seem to accept.

“I was getting frustrated with it and then it looked like it had gone through, but I didn’t really check it,” he says.

Thinking he had managed to place his bet he then went and backed each of his tips $100 each-way, believing he had spent $650 on the Cup. Realising that was probably enough cash for one year he grabbed another round of beers and settled to watch the race on the big screen with his mate.

The race

Cheering his three picks on as the horses hit the line he knew he had the trifecta and the each-way bets and quickly calculated he’d won over $8,000.

1. Dunaden $ 9.10
2. Red Cadeaux $14.30
3. Lucas Cranach $ 4.50

He wasn’t wrong, but he wasn’t quite right, either.

Nice little earner

“My son phoned to ask how it had gone and I told him I’d won $8,000, so he jumped onto my TopBetta account to double check for me because my phone was crap.”

A couple of minutes later, his son called back saying ‘You idiot, you’ve won $20,000’.

But it still wasn’t correct as the system was still calculating the return and it was then eagles11 heard, screamed down the phone, “You’ve won over two hundred grand!”

Stunned, he could hear his son running around in the background, cheering and carrying on.

Then his son came back on the phone and said, “You lucky bastard! You’ve had the trifecta 50 times and won $227,760!

“I’d pushed that button too many times and hadn’t noticed,” eagles11 says.

The realisation didn’t sink in and eagles11 was so stunned he didn’t have another beer the entire day, finally staggering home thoroughly bemused and sober.




“I didn’t believe it until the next morning when I saw over $200,000 in my TopBetta account,” he says.

Invest the cash

Being an astute businessman eagles11 used the majority of the cash to invest in two businesses but kept a little aside for a trip to Vegas and a drive across the US on a Harley.

“I didn’t spend spend spend, I made sure it was well used,” he says.

Every year the pair of hard-working electricians still meet up for their annual Xmas do on the first Tuesday of November and every year he tries to replicate that famous win, but never manages to pull it off.

“There is always this year, though . . .” he says.