Greyhound Racing Tips and Tournament

Greyhound Racing Tips and Tournament 

Thursday night is greyhound night at TopBetta where we run our famous greyhound tournament with a $300 cash pool, so if you love your dogs then use your knowledge to dash away with the cash or grab your greyhound racing tips here and get ahead of the pack

Almost two months in and our latest product ‘The Dish Pickers’ is straight to the front in the race for profit.

The ‘Dish Pickers’ is our all new $20 per week service designed to nail the best bets all through the week and naturally return a profit.

Kicking off in May, the first month was ruled off with a 40 odd unit win with a profit on turnover of around 18 per cent.

So far for June, the ‘Dish Pickers’ is tracking in similar territory, 17 per cent profit on turnover as it stands.

Just click here to jump on board and start adding the greyhounds to your profitable portfolio.

“We can’t complain with a profit, but it is at the lower end of what we anticipate,” said the head judge behind the ‘Dish Pickers’ who requested anonymity at the start so as to not make it even harder for them to get on.

“A couple of rough weeks that were close to strips have led to a lower return but hitting close to 20 percent isn’t a bad result to start with.

“Hopefully, we can get rid of the really bad ones and have the POT above 20 per cent by the end of the month.”

For those not familiar with the service it is very easy: $20 per week gets you selections on roughly three to four days per week.

Whenever the team think there is a dog to strike and zone in on, you get a text message in plenty of time to ‘get-on’. There are around a dozen or so plays each week.

And most importantly, they come with a unit staking plan that has delivered the close to 20 per cent profit on turnover so far.

It can be as easy as just ‘setting and forgetting’ to start sharing in the profits available from our Dish Pickers service.